Considering community wellbeing in Singapore

Singapore is so inspiring with it’s dedication to green space / sustainable buildings, and more importantly its developments and designs are considering community wellbeing.  It’s something more super cities should be thinking about more urgently, especially with our ageing populations.  Super city living needs to be more considerate.

Commissioned by Singapore Housing and Develoment Board the Kampung Admiralty is an integrated development of apartments  (in mid size high rise) which from the outside look like a pretty regular Singaporean domestic development with levels of shops and great eateries and juice bars etc, but once you’re inside, and especially when you get up on top, you see the wonderful social environment and amazing rooftop gardens.  There is an urban farm where residents can grow their own herbs, vegetables and fruits.  The gardens are designed to be fully accessible with ramps and the luscious terraces are an oasis which encourage residents to meet, socialise, sit and chat and it’s an environment to be proud of.

It’s exterior only hints at the spacious, breezy, tropical roof terraces inside. As with so many of Singapore’s new developments it really shines once you step in and the development reveals  a community, a buzz, with light, space and greenery.

The development is designed to house people of all ages, but with a big lean towards catering to, and caring for, an older generation.  It’s inclusive and a lot of the residents are elderly.    It’s a truly inspiring environment.  The apartments are split over a couple of blocks and all have easy access into the open, light and luscious green areas.    There’s even a medical centre, a variety of community programmes and the whole project is bathed in natural light and covered walkways to escape the sun and rain.     It also has a people’s plaza on the ground floor for the residents and public, so it’s buzzing and inclusive.

It’s another Woha architects project.. I am a big fan of their work and especially this public housing project. See some of their lovely work at


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