Deluxe working spaces in Dublin

Shooting for one of my favourite design agencies, we had a great 2 days in Dublin, capturing elements of Hibernia’s wonderful office environments. This part of Ireland has been dubbed Europe’s Silicon Valley and hosts Twitter, LinkedIn, eBay, Google and Facebook to name a few. The skyline is full of cranes and it’s still booming.

Creating inspiring offices seems to be Hibernia’s forte. It’s not just the new developments they’re known for, but also for regenerating and adapting existing properties into some cool spaces that attract the youthful .com clientele operating out of Ireland today.

The communal areas, receptions and offices are all designed to provide spaces that aim to enhance the experience of their tenant’s employees. They are office spaces with a bit of personality! There are luscious green living walls, very spacious receptions, coffee shops, meeting areas, and with the use of wood and warm metal finishes it makes for a great aesthetic … all enhanced by the stylish furnishings! nice.

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