Enjoying brutalist beauty on Southbank

The National Theatre, love it or hate it, is even more stunning in a cool and soft winter light.   Designed by Denys Lasdun and completed in the mid 70’s it’s a beautiful brute to photograph.  The rough cast concrete surfaces imprinted by timber planks are its signature and form the vast terraces (or Strata as he called them) as well as the numerous walkways inside and out.  The pale concrete designed to reflect Waterloo Bridge and nearby Somerset House bounce the light gently and I could happily spend several days photographing it although had to settle for a few hours one crisp fresh winter morning.   Shot as part of a commission for a client who needed a few London landmarks captured in a more graphic way to be used with text.

There’s quite a lot to read about Lasdun’s project conceived in the mid 60’s –  one goodie is in Dezeen and another in Arch Daily


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