Re-greening the cities

Dense urban areas need all the greenery they can get – it really is a no brainer.   Walking around the developments in Vauxhall, London recently it was so striking that very little thought had gone into the environment or community wellbeing with barely any sizeable green areas or accessible spaces.   It was a little depressing and surely easy enough to incorporate something that crucially  could benefit not only the environment but sociability, physical and mental health.   I’m not sure there was any thought of the ‘in-between’.   There are certainly some impressive buildings and an eye popping exclusive sky pool that spans 2 buildings at Embassy Gardens high above you (worth a look if you’re nearby) but seemingly absolutely no collective thinking between developments and nothing accessible on a community level.

I cheered myself by looking back at some of the projects I’ve been lucky to shoot where inspiring developers and architects have embraced the green!  The images selected are just because I find them pleasing and at the time they may well have just been to illustrate a satisfying little peek of green on job which was visually inspiring.

(above) Kampung Admiralty in Singapore designed by Woha architects is a fab example of dedication to incorporating accessible communal green spaces into a large housing project.  OK, Singapore has the climate for lush planting but the many roof terraces are wonderful and when you get up on top you see the social environment that’s been created.  There is an urban farm where residents can grow their own herbs, vegetables and fruits.  The gardens are designed to be fully accessible with ramps and the luscious terraces are an oasis which encourage residents to meet, socialise, sit and chat and it’s an environment to be proud of.

Another of Woha’s – Park Royal Hotel

(above) 2 slices of new planting within the immense Marina One, Singapore by Ingenhoven Architects

Wonderful Living Planet Centre (inhabited by WWF in Woking, UK) which has won many awards by the fab Hopkins Architects.

(above) In the heart of London the new development adjoining Broadgate and Liverpool Street Station has endless terraces with gardens right up in the city skyline.  Not accessible to the public but an oasis for all the office workers.  It has lawns and outside seating areas aplenty.   Next blog post is all about this building.. a huge project with retail, offices, walkways and plenty of green terraces!

All photos ©aireyspaces

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