Super stylish luxury offices

London’s PLP Architecture has recently completed a super stylish, high end new office headquarters in the heart of London. It feels like you’ve fallen into a delicious box of luxury chocolates on the ground floor with curves a plenty. The exquisite carpentry and amazing white desk warrants smoothing as you pass by, (I was very happy just photographing the desk as you can see below), and as you look up the nod to the glamour of air travel begins. There is a feeling you’re passing under a fuselage and the fun aeroplane style windows of the first floor office are inspired. 

Sitting above the large curved reception desk the head of the Arabian Oryx is cleverly incorporated in the timber. It’s all rather classy as you’d expect. 

As you move up into the working spaces over the next few floors there are yet more lovely curves…….it’s often a challenge to make open plan offices look interesting in a shot but these were a breeze and it’s thanks to the curved windows and interesting ceilings created on each floor…. and then you get to the 5 star top floor meeting and conference rooms. More gorgeous dark wood, bronze, fabulous daylight as well as huge visually warm overhead lighting panels for the grey days.

The theme continues outside in the feather shaped stone facade and all nicely finished with deep bronze reveals. The new offices respectfully stand out in this street of listed buildings, and replaces a not so beautiful 1950’s construction…. you can take delight in this building especially when you see what it has replaced here.

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